Saint Jo, Texas

June 22, 2019

Saint Jo, Texas


We've heard the stories of shootout in the middle of town and the reputations of the outlaws and the gunslingers who made their names in the West.  What really happened at the shootout at the Okay Corral?  Was the showdown in the middle of town a reality or myth?  

This year the Symposium brings together a group of unique historians.  We will sift through the stories and settle the dust on what gunslingers and outlaws were and what they were not.

So hold onto your seat, or better yet, reserve your seat now for this year's trip back in history to learn more about these notorious bad guys of the West.  

Who Were the Gunslingers and Outlaws of the West?

Marshall Trimble, True West magazine's "Ask the Marshall" revisits the shootout at the Okay Corral. 


Michael Grauer, from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, in Oklahoma City defines what Cowboys were NOT.   

Our Speakers

Schedule of Events

This year's Symposium will be held in the newly renovated Texas Theater on the Square in Saint Jo.  If you were able to attend last year, you saw this renovation in the works.  The renovation is complete and it will host all the speakers for the day. 

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